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Trying New Things

Last week was a well-timed week of active outings! We strive to be active every day, and we went well beyond our goal. Our pals love fresh air and a bit of friendly competition. It’s the perfect combination for an afternoon with friends.

We tried our hands at sand volleyball and baseball this week. There is definitely a learning curve, as with any new activity or skill, but we still had fun while being active.

After a lot of sports, a relaxing afternoon in the park was the perfect addition to our week. We love to explore and enjoy nature within the big city of Columbus that we call home.

We’re looking forward to another great week! Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates.

PALS in the Community

We had another great week out in the community! Every afternoon participants at PALS Chrysalis Health have the opportunity to take part in a community outing. Here’s a look at our week:

Monday: Cooking Class! We learned to prepare the delicious combination of mini calzones and tossed salad.

Tuesday: We explored one of the pride and joys of Columbus: COSI! Participants had a blast exploring the museum, refreshing their science knowledge, and even learning a few new things along the way.

Wednesday: Our favorite afternoon of the week, of course, was spent bowling! Delicious food, a little friendly competition, and time with friends? What’s not to enjoy?

Thursday: Physical activity was interesting on Thursday with a Tae Kwon Do class. This class was a great way to mix things up and learn a new activity!

Friday: Two words: Goofy. Olympics. Participants were encouraged to dress in silly outfits and give their all in fun outdoor games like human foosball!

Below are some pictures from our week. We hope you enjoy your weekend!

Licking County Program Closed – 09 Feb 2016

The Licking County, Heath program is closed Tuesday the 9th of February due to inclement weather. We will resume regular programming on Wednesday the 10th of February. Follow us here or @palschrysalis on twitter for the most up to date information.

PALS Mascot Contest Starts Monday!!!!!!!

PALS wants to know who our official mascot should be and we are looking for your help. PALS Staff has submitted their mascot ideas and we will be carrying out a competition through local and online voting to determine the winner. Each week a link will be available to vote for your favorites and a winner will be selected by you. Check our Website as well as Facebook and Twitter for contest updates and may the best mascot win!!!!!