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Our New PALS


We are excited to announce a few upcoming changes happening at PALS Chrysalis Health!

Due to our unwavering commitment to provide the most personalized and progressive supports to individuals in our community, we have become a resource to another local provider who was in need of the PALS approach. Respite Connections, Inc., based out of Columbus, is joining PALS Chrysalis Health, enabling us to offer additional supports to our participants. This exciting collaboration with Respite Connections, Inc., and all support services provided will be managed by and be a part of PALS Chrysalis Health.

Please welcome our new member of the executive team coming from Respite Connections, Inc., our Director of Residential Supports, Christe Snyder! Christe brings many years of experience and expertise in the residential field to PALS Chrysalis Health.

The second upcoming change is that PALS Gahanna is moving on Monday, June 5, 2017! We have been tirelessly looking for the perfect location and building for quite some time to help us: grow with our program, offer additional supports, and become a larger contributor to our community. We finally found it!

New Location: 5250 Strawberry Farms Blvd.

We are still right here in Columbus and the new location just 5 minutes from our current location. This location will allow us to continue to provide unique opportunities to the individuals we support. It will also give us the space needed to safely provide individually tailored programs for individuals who could benefit from specialized supports.

Our third, and final, upcoming change is that we have new program hours company-wide, beginning Monday, June 5, 2017. Our new programming hours will take place in all three of our locations: PALS Columbus, PALS Heath, and Art Outside the Lines.

New Program Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

This change comes to us after a thorough analysis of our daily routine and transportation processes. We believe the change will: promote active engagement, support a more enjoyable experience, contribute to increased community involvement, and increase transportation efficiency. PALS will continue providing day services and transportation to 222 W. Johnstown Road in Gahanna until Friday, June 2. Starting Monday, June 5, we will be at our new home with our new “PALS” at 5250 Strawberry Farms Blvd. You will be notified of any transportation changes prior to starting at the new location.

These exciting upcoming changes to PALS were made to provide the best services to the individuals we support. We welcome your feedback, questions, comments and concerns regarding these changes and the transition to make this as smooth and successful as possible. Please feel free to reach out to anyone on our executive team with questions:

  • Aaron Bracone (
  • Christe Snyder (
  • Michael Pierro (

Best regards,

PALS Chrysalis Health

PALS College Class Spring Semester


The PALS Columbus State program will resume classes for the Spring semester on January 16th, 2017! With the assistance of the Disability Services Department and the Sport & Exercise Studies Department at Columbus State University, we have worked together to build another amazing semester for individuals who want to attain a higher education.

The program consists of a variety of entry-level college classes to help ease participants into the program. The program begins with class COLS-1101, Introduction to College: College Success Skills, required for every student who begins at Columbus State Community College. College Success Skills helps students understand what the expectations are while attending college and the tools necessary to be successful in college. The class is accompanied by a physical education class taught by the Sport & Exercise Studies Department. Once the initial two classes have been passed, students will be able to choose which classes they would like to take for the remainder of their college career.

For anyone interested in taking courses in the upcoming Spring semester, we wanted to take a moment to outline important dates and events. At PALS Chrysalis Health Reynoldsburg Campus, we are offering online learning courses, college prep courses, the COLS 1100 class, and some Sport and Exercise Science courses.

To better assist students in attaining their goals, we have developed a PALS curriculum that states goals, sets a time line, and includes a road map for success. PALS Chrysalis Health offers assistance to future students of Columbus State in enrollment into the college, enrollment in classes, and signing up for FAFSA.

The PALS Chrysalis Health Columbus State Program consists of four semesters.

PALS freshman semester will consist of a college class that help the student, instructors, and program better gauge the level and pace for that individual. Students in their freshman semester will take:

  • –  COLS 1101 an Introduction to College class – provided by Disability Services will be held at the Columbus State Licking County Branch (Classroom).
  • –  SES 1009 Bowling – provided by Sport and Exercise Science Department (Classroom).PALS sophomore semester students will take the following classes:

– SES 2548 Adaptive Physical Education – provided by Sport and Exercise Science (Classroom).

– SES 1100 Personal Fitness Concepts – Course provided by Sport and Exercise Science (Online).

**Upon successful completion of the PALS Sophomore semester, students are encouraged to continue courses at the faster pace.
PALS junior semester students will take the following classes:

  • –  SES 1101 Introduction to Sport & Exercise Studies – Course provided by Sport and Exercise Science (Online).
  • –  SES 1102 Recreation & Leisure Operations – Course provided by Sport and Exercise Science (Online).PALS senior semester students will take the following classes:

– Online courses of their choosing towards their area of study offered in the PALS classroom Monday – Friday from 10:00am till 11:30am.

Students who have successfully completed the four semesters at the PALS Chrysalis Health Columbus State Program will be armed with the necessary tools to transition to full time “traditional” students at Columbus State Community College! Advocates from Columbus State will be at PALS Chrysalis Health Reynoldsburg Campus one day per week to speak with students, giving them the ability to address problems they may be encountering, changes they wish to apply to their current classes, or general advice about college life.

Students must first take the asset test in order to move on to the compass testing and Disability Services Intake, which will take place at PALS Chrysalis Health locations.

Open now for students interested in applying for Columbus State Community


FAFSA Enrollment
Open now for students interested in applying for Columbus State Community


Asset Testing and Disability Services Intakes

 We will begin Testing and Intakes in November and December for the Spring Semester.

Admissions Application Deadline for Fall semester

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions you may have.

Thank you,

The PALS Columbus State Team Aaron Bracone

Licking County Recognizes PALS Chrysalis Health

“It’s very important for them to use PALS to be able to go on and do bigger and better things in their lives.” Thank you to the Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities for sponsoring this video of us. In the time since this video was created, the art studio opened (Art Outside the Lines) , and we continue to be proud of the progress that each person makes here every day.



College Compass Testing

Good Afternoon,

We will be doing compass testing and intakes for Columbus State the next 4 Tuesdays at our Gahanna location:
Tuesday 4/22 from 1030a – 1230p
Tuesday 4/29 from 1030a – 1230p
Tuesday 5/6 from 1030a – 1230p
Tuesday 5/13 from 1030a – 1230p

The testing and intakes will be done by Tiffany McClain Director of Disability Services at Columbus State Community College. Please let us know if you are interested.